Welcome to Leadership West Michigan

The LWM program is designed to ensure you a great return on investment, providing regional leaders like yourself with : networking opportunities; access to prestigious speakers and impressive locations; leadership development; an increased local consciousness; and much more. Working for the benefit of the entire region, LWM and you can explore interrelated systems and challenges defining the West Michigan region. Learn more about LWM here at our website and please contact our executive director. You can also download our Brochure and Talking Points card for more information.

What to Look for this year

Leadership West Michigan is the first leadership program to focus on leading change. Provided via Jennifer Maxson, a practice group leader, coach, and consultant from Varnum Consulting, our leadership development focuses on John P. Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change. This eight-step action plan provides a practical approach to an organized means of leading versus managing change.

a house in Michigan

The whole experience encouraged me to look at West Michigan from an outsiders point of view - candidates that may be contemplating a relocation to West Michigan. Also from a recent college graduate perspective-They are being told there aren't opportunities here in West Michigan but clearly through this tour we saw there are employers who are very successful in today's market.

About Leadership West Michigan

Leadership West Michigan (LWM) is a program of the West Michigan Chamber Coalition. The West Michigan Chamber Coalition is made up of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, Muskegon Area Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce - Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg. With the mission of creating a regional mindset by developing and engaging an effective and diverse network of regional trustees, LWM provides regional leaders like yourself with the following return on investment: Networking opportunities, Access to prestigious speakers and impressive locations, Leadership development, Increased local consciousness and much more. You can also check our partner : https://www.programmes-neufs-loi-pinel.fr/

As a means of providing the above return on investment, LWM conducts an annual program that provides its participants with some or all of the following: Knowledge of the West Michigan region and connections : Member networking, Leadership skills, Systems thinking skills, Dialogue skills, Understanding of diversity, Regional trusteeship. LWM seeks to develop its program and activities, which appeal to the diverse segments of the region including, but not limited to, the for-profit, governmental, and not-for-profit sectors.

The Leadership West Michigan Program

The LWM program links many topic-specific sessions in a continuous framework of learning. Hands-on, minds-on exercises help you digest and apply a rush of information about regional challenges and opportunities. During each day session, you are introduced to a variety of national, regional, and local experts and issues, giving students a chance to explore interrelated systems and challenges defining the West Michigan region.

Goals of the Program

View local priorities through a global lens, Support sustainable growth (Triple Bottom Line), Nurture and develop human capital, Foster public-private partnerships, Support collaboration among citizens and organizations. LWM includes a three-month semester course that : provides leadership development with a focus on John P. Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change; introduces a variety of national, regional, and local experts and issues; explores interrelated systems and challenges defining the region; incorporates a two-day bus tour of West Michigan; and includes single day sessions focused on a wide range of topics.

Why participate in the LWM program?

Network and develop lasting business relationships with a cohort of students from different industries and areas of the region, Gain knowledge from prestigious speakers and access to impressive locations, Learn more about supporting sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line — Economic Prosperity, Social Justice, and Environmental Integrity,Increase local consciousness among our local decision makers, Gain a new perspective that will lead to new business opportunities and growth, Develop broader thinking skills as they relate to working in a diverse global economy

Setting the Stage and Leading Change

Build awareness of the efforts, foundation, and intent of the LWM program and participate in leadership development, learning a process to effectively lead change in your organization and the region. Our leadership development focus offers tools for leading change, including the differentiation of the roles and responsibilities of leaders and managers. We are focusing on John P. Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change. This eight-step action plan provides a practical approach to an organized means of leading versus managing change. The leadership development portion of our program is provided by Jennifer Maxson, practice group leader, consultant, and coach, from Varnum Consulting. Jennifer has spent the last 15 years focused on enhancing the credibility of leaders with clients throughout Michigan and the Nation.

Creating a Regional Mindset

Gain knowledge of the natural and manmade resources that create a competitive advantage for West Michigan, as well as what’s working and what’s not working within the region, on this two-day, overnight bus tour. See Bus Tour Talking Points for Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Holland/Zeeland, Muskegon and the West Michigan Ag Report. Build awareness of the components and nuances of economic development in West Michigan and its role in the creation of wealth, employment, and tax base. You will also begin to understand the current economic makeup of the region, and gain insight into some of West Michigan’s unique advantages regarding economic sustainability.

Land Use

Learn different perspectives on land use in order to better align regional systems and promote the sustainability of our region. You will be provided with the competing and synergistic perspectives on land use in order to better align social and natural systems in the region within the framework of urban and rural communities.

Public Governance

Obtain a better understanding of our state and local governments, the decision-making processes of local officials, the strategies citizens can employ to influence this process, and more. We will help you identify some of the most important issues facing local governments across the region, develop an understanding of the budget problems facing both state and local governments, and gain insight as to how intergovernmental collaboration can assist communities in addressing revenue shortfalls.

Please note that this day is just one week following Land Use Day. There is no week in between. Understand the constraints and opportunities of today’s education system as it relates to early childhood through post secondary education and the role education plays in making West Michigan an economically competitive region.